Which crayfishes are the most popular in Australia?

Posted by The Next Home on Tuesday, February 14, 2020 3:17:23The Australian Government has said it is considering whether to launch a national crackdown on the sale of cray-fish products, after two Australian-based food processors and one from France announced plans to start exporting cray fish.

The Australian Food Standards and Technology Authority (AFSTA) confirmed that Australian-registered seafood processors are to begin exporting crays at a factory in Queensland.

“It is being considered whether the AFSTA can launch a comprehensive regulatory framework and ensure that cray products are not sold and consumed in Australia,” a spokeswoman said.

The AFSTAs regulatory framework would include rules for labelling and quality control, as well as the use of labels.

The company that will be importing the cray are Australian Seafood Products, Ltd.

A spokesperson for the company said the import of the crays is a decision for the ATSA to make.

“Australian Seafoods has commenced a process to import cray product for import into Australia, with final approval from the AASFTA,” the spokesperson said.

Crayfish is a common seafood used for food and as an ingredient in cooking, and is a staple food in many Asian countries.

The new cray can be found in most of the major Asian markets, including China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating the use and safety of crays in products including salad dressing, ice cream, and frozen desserts.

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