The best-kept secret in baseball: Which players are still on the DL?

The best part about the baseball season is that there are still players on the disabled list.

The big question for the rest of us is how many of them are truly on the shelf.

There are three players out of the Blue Jays lineup who are on the list of “retired” players, which includes Edwin Encarnacion, Kyle Seager, and Jose Bautista.

A couple of those players are just too young to play.

I was one of those who believed that there was a chance that Edwin Encamp would be able to get back into the lineup this season, but it looks like he won’t be.

While Encamp hasn’t been playing, he’s still out with a hamstring injury, so that’s something that can’t happen too often.

So what’s keeping the rest from being able to play?

The most obvious thing is that some teams are just not playing players.

That’s true for the Rays and Nationals.

Not only do the two teams have a lot of injuries, but the Rays have had some injuries in the past.

Last year, they were unable to make it back to the postseason because they were missing Chris Archer, who has since retired.

And this year, the Nationals have already had a number of injuries in addition to Archer, Jayson Werth, and Chris Carter.

Both teams have been able to make some changes, though, with the Nationals making the move of Ian Desmond, and the Rays making the trade of Drew Storen, who they signed as a free agent.

For the Blue Jay’s rotation, they’re keeping Justin Smoak, Drew Storey, and Andrew Miller.

The only thing keeping them from playing is the fact that they’re not getting all the innings they could.

Miller was the last pitcher to get a full season back in the rotation before he got hurt, but he was released last season.

Smoak is in the final year of his contract and hasn’t pitched in a full postseason.

What’s next for the Bluejay’s rotation?

The Jays have four more games left, which means they can try to clinch a playoff spot in their own right.

With a win, they’ll clinch a wild card spot, which would make them the only team with a chance to make the playoffs if they don’t make it to the World Series.

It’s going to be a battle.

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