Giant crayfishes die as the sea warms in the Pacific, scientists report

Crayfish are a group of fish that live in shallow waters, usually in the shallow waters of the ocean.

When temperatures rise, they migrate to deeper waters to reproduce and become increasingly more common.

But that migration isn’t necessarily happening in the same way as it used to.

In fact, it’s not happening at all.

In the past, craypies were abundant in warmer seas, but now they are disappearing, with some populations having declined to less than 0.1% of their historical numbers.

These crayps are being driven off their new home by warmer water temperatures. 

In fact, the oceans are warming and the species are becoming less abundant in some places.

The researchers in Australia report in the journal Nature Climate Change that the warming of the oceans is increasing the likelihood that species such as cray-fish and corals will be less abundant.

According to the study, the average number of craydens in the ocean today is about 25.

This is roughly a quarter of the total number of species that live there in the past.

This means that in some areas, the number of crabs and other invertebrates are being reduced by up to a third.

Scientists estimate that this loss in diversity has already been occurring in many places, including South Australia and New South Wales.

In some places, such as the South Island of New Zealand, they say, there is evidence of extinction of marine animals that were previously widespread in the region.

And in Australia, where the number and diversity of crays have been on the decline for decades, there are indications that the species is disappearing.

The Australian Government says there is no reason to believe that this is the case in the northern hemisphere.

But the researchers in New Zealand say that is changing.

In the past few decades, they have observed a decrease in the abundance of crayanoes in the waters around their island.

And the new research suggests that the decrease in abundance is occurring in regions where the abundance has been increasing. 

The researchers have estimated that the total loss of the craycys to the oceans has resulted in an increase in the number, diversity and abundance of invertebrate species, including corals and sea squirts, in many parts of New England.

The researchers said they were not aware of any other species that have been reduced by global warming in the context of climate change.

The research is a good example of the power of climate science and the research communities ability to identify potential threats and make predictions, they said.

But these species are not the only species that are at risk.

Other invertebras, like sea urchins, are also being driven from the oceans.

This can be due to a variety of factors including sea-level rise, salinity and pollution.

And because the crustaceans are animals, it can be difficult to measure the effects of changing climate on their populations. 

But the new study suggests that these animals are more vulnerable to climate change, because of the way they live and reproduce.

And while some people might think of these animals as a nuisance, in reality, they are crucial to maintaining the food web that is vital to our food supply. 

This study shows that these species need to be protected in order to be healthy, said Professor David Rundle, who led the study. 

“We are at the point where we are going to see cray fishes disappear from our ocean.

And this is not good news,” he told Business Insider.

“But we can’t just look at it as a one-off event.

If we do something about climate change it is going to become a lot worse.”

This story originally appeared on Business Insider Australia

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