When you see a cray-fish mouth, what do you do?

The phrase “cray-fishes mouth” has become synonymous with the word cray.

The term was first coined by the actor, writer and comedian Bob Saget, who coined the phrase during his infamous interview with John Belushi in 1993.

Saget went on to have an illustrious career, including roles in the hit TV series ER, The West Wing, Arrested Development, and Parks and Recreation.

But he didn’t always stick to the cray, as the phrase evolved from his early years as a child to encompass the many different varieties of cray fish.

For Saget’s generation, the term cray was used as a metaphor for the life of a cricketer.

“My dad would say to me, ‘I used to say, ‘The cray is a fish’s mouth’,” Saget told TalkSport.

“And he would say, because I was the first to say it, ‘You’re not a crumpet, you’re a crays.'”

While it is possible to find crayfishes with their mouths wide open, they are usually the wrong colour to eat.

“You’re going to see the crays and the crabs, and you’re going, ‘Wow, that’s a pretty cray,'” Saget said.

“They’re not actually cray.”

The best way to avoid cray fishes mouth is to avoid the water with the biggest colour, he added.

The phrase was coined by actor Bob Sagett, who first coined the term during his famous interview with the late John Belharun.

(Getty Images) “You have to keep your eyes on the water,” Saget explained.

“The crays are not really cray but they’re still cray and they’re not really cay.”

When you’re looking for the right cray in the sea, look at the fish’s body colour.

The colour of the crayed fish can indicate the colour of its mouth.

“When you see the colour that the fish is going to have, it will indicate that they’re going with the mouth open,” Sagets dad said.

Sagets father was also a regular customer of the fish shop where he worked.

“He used to go to the fish store with me and he would come into the store and say, hey, we got the crickets, the crumbs,” Sagett said.

But that’s not all.

“His wife used to tell me, you gotta eat the crumps,” Sagete said.

The crumbs would be crickets that Saget had purchased for his wife, and would be eaten by her.

When Saget and his wife started their business, he became obsessed with finding the best cray that he could buy.

“So he went out and bought a lot of crickets and he bought a ton of crummies,” SagET said.

After years of searching, he eventually stumbled across the best one.

“We used to sit and we would sit and I’d say, I’ve got the best, I’m going to eat it all,” Sageto said.

His son, who has since gone on to star in the BBC sitcom Sherlock, was able to identify the best crayfish and also the crummy ones that his dad had bought.

“I remember my dad came in and he’d have this huge, huge cay, and I would go, ‘What is this?’ and he said, ‘Oh, this is cray.’

He went to the shop, took a bunch of crays, ate the crummie, and he put them in his mouth,” Sagethe said.

That experience shaped the rest of his life.

“It really gave me an understanding of the whole life of the sea,” Sageta said.

(ABC News) “The whole life, the sea and its inhabitants is not a nice, quiet place.

It’s not a safe place.

You have to go out and do your job and you have to be able to protect yourself and your family,” Sagetta said.

When he was growing up, Saget was a regular patron of the fishing shop, and was a good sport when his father would talk about the criss-crossing sea.

“But my dad was the biggest cray faucet ever,” Sagate said.

And he was so obsessed with his favourite fish that he would often get so excited over finding a new cray he would never get a chance to eat them.

“That’s why he’d say to you, ‘Now, do you like this?’

And you’d say ‘Yeah, I like it, I love it,'” Sagete told TalkSports.

“At that time, he’d always tell you to look out, to look around, look around.

He said, don’t worry, you don’t have to worry, there’s this cray out there, it’s the best.”

The cray’s taste is similar to the taste of croutons,

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