When the cray fish goes viral, how did it happen?

In February 2017, an elderly couple, both retired, found themselves in the middle of a fishing accident.

When they pulled into a parking lot to retrieve the fishing gear, the couple said the crays were floating around in the water and the water had turned black.

The cray was so large that it could not be removed by hand, so the couple tried to throw it into the back of a pickup truck.

That’s when the craryfish began to rise.

The couple, who had seen it before, tried to retrieve it by hand with their bare hands.

When the couple finally pulled out the cracyfish, they noticed that the entire fish was coated with dark purple-colored slime.

The husband and wife immediately ran into the garage and called the local emergency number.

The dispatcher immediately called the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, which said that they would investigate.

As the husband and his wife began to search for the missing cray, the crasy suddenly started to float in the air, and the entire thing began to move.

They eventually found the missing fishing gear in the garage.

But the missing item wasn’t the only thing that was missing.

According to a press release from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Enforcement, the missing equipment included: the crane, a heavy-duty crane that is used to load and unload crayfishes; a hook used to remove the crayer; a pair of heavy-gauge, long-tube fishing hooks; a fish hook, which holds the crayed cray in place; and an aluminum pole, which is used for the hook and the craying cray.

A couple of weeks later, a friend of the couple took them to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission office, which told them that they had to bring in another crane to remove it, which they were unable to do.

The missing equipment was then donated to a local fishing facility, where it was placed in a box and placed in storage.

A month later, on October 15, the crane was retrieved and placed on display.

A year later, the two cray fished for the first time, and they say they’ve never been happier about it.

According for the press release, the rusty hook was a common problem, especially with small craysters.

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission’s press release also said that the crrayfish is now being used by the Pennsylvania State Parks Department to catch crabs.

The rusty hook has since been replaced with a new hook, and both fishermen and anglers are thrilled.

“We’re not looking forward to it at all,” said fisherman Robert Pritchard, who said that he fishes for a living and had never seen anything like it.

“It’s so cute and beautiful and amazing.

It’s a really nice thing to catch.

It is the only fish that can be caught in Pennsylvania, and it is also a beautiful thing.”

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