The rare coral crayfishes of India

In India, cray fish is a staple of the diet.

The species of cray is called Rana cray.

Rana is a rare name for cray, but its common name for Indian crayfish is crayo, which translates to “blue cray”.

The cray fishes have the shape of a crab, and their color is often blue.

Rina, the species of coral crays in India, is known as the rarest of the species.

The only other coral species in India is the rare and beautiful red cray cray from Thailand, but they are not endangered.

Crayfish is an animal that can grow to over 1,000cm in length, which makes them very large cray-like fish.

It can grow up to 8cm in body length and weigh up to 250 grams.

There are different types of crays, each with different colours, shapes and sizes.

Crayfish are a common sight in the sea, but are a little more difficult to find.

Rani, a coral crayan in Kerala, is one of the rarer species of rana crays.

The crays can be found all over the Indian Ocean.

They have been known to live from the Arabian Sea to the Indian ocean.

However, there are no confirmed sightings of them on the Indian continent.

In India they are also known as red crays because of their red hue.

Red cray (blue) cray = rarer than blue crays (green)Source:Wikipedia (India), The Guardian (UK) title A red crray is a species of red crayer that lives in the Indian subcontinent.

Source:The Guardian (India)]

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