When a Albino Crayfish Aquarium Sticks Its Head Up and Takes a Bath

Crickets are an endangered species in Australia, but it appears they are in good company.

Albinos have been spotted swimming in aquariums across Australia and New Zealand, and are also the subject of a documentary on PBS called “Albino: An Australian Journey”.

Now, the same documentary has turned up a video clip of one of these crickets swimming in a Sydney aquarium. 

The video was filmed at the Sydney Aquarium, where an Albina crayfishes are being kept. 

“We had a big aquarium and it was a little too small for our species, so we decided to do something,” aquarium manager Andrew Tinsley said. 

He said the crickets had a natural ability to camouflage themselves in the water, and when Tinsie heard about the clip he decided to put it on the show. 

Tinsley says it is “great” that the video is being seen by Australians, and says Albinas are a “truly special species”.

“It is really cool to see them and to be able to tell people about them and what they are and how they’re doing,” he said.

Tinsie says he was not aware of the clip being uploaded to the internet until he saw it on Facebook and Facebook’s comments section, and he’s hoping the clip will encourage other people to try and see the species in their own aquariums.

“I hope they’re getting an education and maybe teaching people to see it in their aquariums,” he told Channel Nine.

“We need to see the Albini in our aquariums because they’re such a unique species.”‘

It’s just a beautiful creature’A new species of crickets has been discovered in Australia and has been described as “a beautiful creature”.

A study conducted by University of Queensland ecologist David Winton and his team found the species was named Albinalia bicornis by zoologist Andrew Winton.

The researchers say it’s the first known species of Albine craybins in Australia.

“It’s a species that has been found in Australian waters, and it’s a very unusual animal,” Mr Winton said.

“We don’t know what the biological differences are between them and the species that we have in Australia.”

A study of Albinism in humans found it was rare, but not a rare condition.

“In our study, we found that only about 15 per cent of individuals had a mild form of the condition, and only about 7 per cent had a severe form,” Dr Winton explained.

“This is an extreme case of the disorder.”

A report from the Queensland Government found only 3 per cent Australians had the condition. 

It is unclear whether the craybill species has been imported from the United States, where Albinists are not an endangered, or if the new species is a distinct species that is a new addition to the Australian species.

“The condition was quite rare and it wasn’t a very common one,” Dr Tinsler said.

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