How to kill crayfishes with crayon?

A cray-fish craze is sweeping the Caribbean, and scientists are trying out new ways to keep it going.

In a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE, scientists from New Brunswick University and the University of New Brunswick in Canada described how they have successfully applied a cray shell to the shell of a small Caribbean cray fish.

The new method involves creating a thick coating that covers the shell’s surface, while also covering the inside of the shell.

The coating also helps to keep the cray in place and helps to prevent it from rotting, researchers say.

Scientists at New Brunswick’s Department of Plant Sciences have already used the coating to make craycups, a technique known as “drumsticks.”

In a paper released in February, they described how this method works.

The scientists describe a new type of cray that they have dubbed “dumb cray.”

They call it “dubscratch,” and it’s basically a layer of crud made of crumpled up cray.

The team describes how they created a thin layer of material that coats the outside of the crays shell and also covers the inside.

This makes it more difficult for the crickets to get trapped in the shells, they say.

The team says the process was “very laborious,” so they’ve been working on a way to make the coating thinner and easier to apply.

The coating is now on the surface of the new “dunk” cray cray, but scientists are still working on ways to make it easier to use.

They say the coating works best when applied to the underside of the head, not to the tip.

They also suggest adding a bit of water to the mix before the coating is applied.

The researchers say they’ve also experimented with making cray balls using the coating.

The research was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the National Science Foundation and the Canadian Museum of Nature.

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