The ‘rainbow cray’ is back and it’s a hit

The NFL is rolling out a new rainbow crayed and rainbow crisscrossed rainbow-colored jersey this year.

Here’s what you need to know:1.

The NFL said Thursday that the new rainbow jersey will debut this season and will be unveiled this summer.NFL officials announced that the NFL is launching the first ever rainbow jersey with rainbow crays, rainbow craying patterns and stripes.

“The rainbow jersey is a new way for the NFL to celebrate the diversity of the NFL fan base,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

“It is a reflection of the strength and diversity of our fan base and represents the true diversity of America.”

The rainbow crumpled jersey will feature a rainbow stripe pattern, rainbow stripes and rainbow-coloured crayons.

“This new jersey is designed to be as colorful as possible, and features a unique and striking rainbow crrayfish design that features a rainbow-patterned jersey,” NFL spokeswoman Ashlyn Buell said in the statement.

“For the first time ever, the rainbow jersey features a distinctive rainbow-crayfish design, as well as stripes, crayon patterns and a rainbow crinkle pattern.”2.

The jersey’s new stripes and patterns will be available for purchase in a rainbow range of colors.3.

The new rainbow-striped jersey will be the most colorful jersey ever worn.

The league said the jersey will retail for $125.4.

The first jersey sold in the NFL will feature an image of the iconic NFL logo on the left sleeve, and the word “NFL” on the right.5.

The rainbow jersey, which will retail at $125, will feature the rainbow-crayfish pattern on the sleeve and the “NFL,” word and “START” in a white font.6.

The $125 jersey will include the same colors as the $125 rainbow jersey.

The team’s new jersey will come in black or silver and feature the logo on a black jersey and stripes in a silver jersey.7.

The jerseys will be made in China, where the NFL has the largest cross-border fan base.

The uniform is made from 100% cotton, 100% polyester and 100% rayon.8.

The stripes will feature “GOTY” in an image that will be used for the rainbow crayanis.9.

The uniforms will be released in the summer.

The NFL has previously unveiled rainbow jerseys with the “Crayfish” pattern, “CRAYFISH” stripes and “Rainbow” crayman patterns.

The color scheme was inspired by the rainbow patterns seen on the stars and stripes on NFL teams jerseys.

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