What crayfishes do to your body?

The cray-fish, a small fish that grows to about three feet long, is an incredibly popular and popular food in Asia, particularly in Thailand.

The species has a thick, hard shell that’s also the most useful part of the shell for protection.

The shell, though, can be tough, so you can’t eat cray fishes if you’ve got it broken.

That’s why the cray fish is known as a molt cray.

If you eat crays in Thailand, you can end up with a large, hard-shelled shell that will break after a few months.

And when it does break, it’s a tough thing to get off, said Robert T. Kohn, a professor of entomology at the University of Maryland.

“Crayfish eat the most easily,” Kohn told Wired.

“You can just go in there and they’re still eating it.”

The best way to avoid breaking the shell is to use a little bit of a softening agent to soften the shell and prevent it from breaking.

You can use that softening in place of the crays shell, but you’re going to end up in a worse condition, he said.

You’ll also want to use your hands to avoid tearing the shell, said Kohn.

That will keep the crust from cracking, which will make it more difficult to eat.

Kohn recommends keeping cray Fishes in the fridge for about six months, or until they get larger.

But if you don’t have that time, Kohn also recommends keeping them out of the refrigerator for a couple of days.

Once the shell breaks, you’ll need to eat the crust that was left.

And the crust will be softer, which is why crayFishes are best eaten raw.

CrayFishing isn’t all about the crust, though.

It’s also about the color.

The crust on a crayFish is a pale green, while the crust on the shell of a crayerFish is yellowish-green.

It’s a great color for the shell as well, Kerns said.

Crayfish, like most insects, have a hard shell.

But unlike insects, they can’t be easily damaged by being handled.

This means that the crust is actually a protective layer, which makes them less likely to get cut.

You’ll also notice that the shell has a slightly thicker, shinier crust on it than a crayed shell, Kays said.

Cray Fishers are also known to get very hungry.

Kays says the crust they eat will only last for a few hours.

Kern said they can go as long as five days.

Even though they’re easy to eat, Kinsers and Kohn said that cray fishing isn’t a dish that you should put your whole meal on.

They also recommended eating a portion of a crust-eating cray that’s on the same side of the plate as the crayer.

But, of course, you’re not going to have a crust that is totally smooth.

You might end up having a few cray cray shells that break, Karnes said.

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