‘Crayfish terraria’ will cost $10,000 in Wellington

New Zealand’s first sexing crayshell terrarium is set to cost $20,000 to build.

The Wellington sexing industry, which is a booming business in the city, said it was excited to announce the new venue would open at the beginning of 2018.

Key points:The Wellington terrarium will be the first in New Zealand to offer a variety of different speciesCrayfishes are a favourite of couples looking for a new petCrayfordia terrestris is native to New Zealand and can be found in all parts of the countryBut it is the colouring and shape of crayfishes that has caught the interest of Wellington couples who want to have a taste of the colourful crustaceans.

“I’ve got two kids, I want to see them have a good time,” said Rachel Williams, who bought her two-year-old son Luke a pink and white striped craycoy.

“We were really excited about the idea of having a place that was different and unique and we felt the best way to do that is by having a colouring show, so that was the big attraction.”

The terrarium’s main attraction will be two dozen different species of crays, including a variety that can only be found on the island.

“You have a lot of species of crustacean in the country and we want to make sure that we get them all across the country,” said Ms Williams.

“It’s a real fun and exciting way to have different types of crickets available in a really unique way.”

The Wellington area is home to a thriving and lucrative cray-fishing industry and is the first city in New Japan, where the crustaceous species is considered a delicacy, to have such a venue.

“In New Zealand, they have been breeding crayfordia for centuries and have bred them up and developed their own version,” Ms Williams said.

“They’re known as the king of crustaces, they’re considered to be delicacies in Japan, they are very popular and people have come from all over the world to try them.”

The cray is a very important part of the local cuisine, so it’s exciting to have the opportunity to see a little of the different types.

“Crayfieldia territris is one of many species of marine cray that can be used to decorate a terrarium.”

A lot of people in New York are really into them, so I was really happy to have this chance to see the new species come through,” Ms Jackson said.

The terracing facility will be open daily from September until March and will be used for educational workshops and social events.

The price tag for the terrarium was announced at a press conference this morning.

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