How to prevent the dreaded blue crays from infecting your cat

In the summertime, cat owners are warned that their pets may be sickened by crayfishes called blue crickets that have been reported to cause serious infections in cats and dogs.

The bugs can grow to up to four inches long, and their larvae feed on cat fur, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cat owners can avoid the craycrows by washing their fur, removing any dead cats or other animals from their yards, and not letting cats or dogs go out in public.

“Don’t let them feed,” the CDC warns.

Cat-Friendly Feline Products Cat-friendly cat food is not necessary for most pets, but some products are formulated with ingredients that may help prevent or treat diseases.

Here are a few tips for cat-friendly cats: Foods with higher protein levels, such as meaty meats, are often used in formulas that are formulated to meet the high protein requirement of cats.

Products that contain meat are more likely to be effective than products with fish or shellfish.

Foods with lower protein levels can be made with more water and higher fat content.

For instance, certain meaty cuts of pork are often considered to be more beneficial than other cuts.

Protein is the most important nutrient for the growth of new crickets.

Feeding more protein to your cat can help them thrive and help reduce the number of infections they may have.

If you’re feeding a diet that contains fish or a low-protein, high-fat diet, your cat may not have a natural immunity to the crickets, and they may be at risk of getting sick from the infection.

If your cat does develop a mild illness from eating the crays, it is important to see a veterinarian immediately.

Cats can be especially susceptible to catching the bugs from their own feces, and it’s recommended to wash the cat’s paws or face after handling any fecal matter that you see.

Fungus and fungus-related illnesses In addition to the infection from the craying bugs, some cats may have a mild form of fungal infection called a fungal meningitis.

This can occur if they come into contact with an infected flea, or if they ingest an infected or dead flea or other insect that has been in contact with their skin.

These cats can develop symptoms similar to those of Lyme disease, which is a common illness in cats, and may have arthritis, urinary infections, hair loss, and other health problems.

If a cat develops symptoms like this, they may need to have a CT scan to confirm their diagnosis.

If they have the same symptoms, your veterinarian may recommend an x-ray or CT scan for a closer look.

This test will look for the presence of fungi and other bacteria, as well as the presence or absence of fungi in the bloodstream.

For this test to be helpful, your vet may need you to give your cat a high-protein food, which has higher protein and less fat.

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