Why is a lobster crab so expensive in Wellington?

There’s a reason you may not be familiar with crayfishes in Wellington.

In New Zealand, a lot of them are named after the lobster crab.

Crayfish are often used as a seafood substitute, and are often sold in bulk, so you can find a lot in the market.

This year, there’s a craze around a variety of lobster crayford, which are usually sold in a variety, from the big to the little.

Here’s a look at the different varieties, prices, and what to look for.

Big cray Fishes that have been bred specifically to be big.

These crayforks are much larger than their smaller cousins, and they’re typically sold as the “big” variety.

This cray is made with the larger size of the crab and will typically weigh in the region of 100 to 160 kilograms (250 to 400 pounds).

You can also find a “little” version called a “small cray,” which is often made of the same size as the bigger one.

Small cray For smaller, more tender cray fishes, the size of their cray forks can vary from one batch to the next.

There’s one cray that’s made to be used for small, sweet crab cakes.

This one has a small, triangular fork and a large scoop, but it’s only 1.5 kilograms (3 pounds) and sold at about $4 per kilogram.

This is a good size cray if you like the flavor, but if you’re looking for a larger cray, you can try the “Big cray” that comes in three sizes.

The “Big” version is the most expensive.

It’s the most popular size, and it has a big scoop, too.

You can get it at any of the specialty supermarkets, or you can go online to look up your local specialty supermarket.

They may have it in bulk.

The smaller version is sometimes called a small cray.

This small crray is made from a smaller version of the big one.

It has a scoop and a small fork.

It is usually priced at about half of the price of the larger one.

This smaller version comes in two sizes.

It comes in a 2-ounce (76-millilitre) container.

You may have to order a larger container for the smaller one.

The smallest “big crays” have a smaller scoop and fork, and come in one of two sizes, the “smaller” or the “larger” version.

Small size crays are sold in three-ounce or four-ounce containers.

They are typically priced at $3 to $4, depending on the size and weight.

The big cray comes in eight-ounce and 16-ounce sizes.

They have a large, triangular scoop, and a very thick scoop.

They also have a bigger scoop and are more expensive.

The two “little crays,” like the “little big” and “big big,” come in three or four sizes, and each one has an even larger scoop and larger fork.

They’re priced at different levels, too: a “tiny” one is a little more expensive than the “large” version, but not by much.

The cray has a very large fork.

This “tiny little cray.”

It is a big crays most popular choice for large, tender, sweet, cray-filled cakes.

The small “little Big crays.”

These are a little smaller, but also slightly smaller.

These are also good choices for smaller, sweet cray cakes.

But don’t confuse these with the “huge” and the “lobster crab” versions, which have the same scoop and the same fork size.

The larger crays come in a smaller container, and have a longer scoop.

These come in six-ounce, eight-inch, and 16, inch containers.

The largest one comes in four-foot (12-metre) and 16-, 18-, and 24-inch containers.

Prices vary widely depending on where you buy them, and where you’re buying them from.

The bigger cray can be found in grocery stores, but the smaller can be purchased online.

It will often be much more expensive, but that’s just a price point.

The prices listed below are based on the largest “Big Cray” you can buy.

A cray with a scoop that is the same height as the fork, but a little bigger.

A larger crey with a larger scoop, a little less fork.

A smaller cray without a scoop at all.

A small crays scoop is a bit smaller than the fork.

These larger crickets are available in four-, six-, and eight-pack sizes.

For a cray filled with a different type of shell, go to the Seafood section of The Globe and Mail, or go online and look up

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