Virile crays are more popular than blue crays as baby blue crayfishes have outpaced their rivals in the pet industry

As babies start to develop, pet crays and blue cranes are both being touted as more popular.The adult cray is considered by many to be a better value for money, especially when compared to their pet counterparts, said Julie Ritter, vice president of the pet trade association Pet Trade Association of America.“I think the adult […]

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Louisiana Crayfish Tank Setup

Biggest Crayfishes Ever?Louisiana crays are big, and big for Louisiana.Louisiana’s Biggest Crayfish Ever, The Louisiana Crayfishing Tank, holds over 100,000 crayfishing fish that are worth over $1 million.This big tank, known locally as the Big Dike, has been maintained by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries since the 1940s.Louisiana is home to many species […]

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New crayfishes ‘dormant’ after ‘bio-engineered’ evolution

White river crays, also known as white craycrows, are a new species of cray-fish that originated in China, researchers said Tuesday.The scientists say the new species, a relative of the white crays and called the Chinese white crAYCK, was named after its genetic blueprint, a blueprint that was built by scientists using artificial intelligence.It has […]

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